Eurorack Modular & Volca Keys // s o u s – t e r r e

Eurorack modular patch with rhythmic pattern of Korg Volca Keys. Volca is playing a repetetive sequence, while Eurorack is adding texture and sounds. The Volca Keys is tempo triggered by an Eurorack LFO. Towards the end you can see in Cubase how Volca is partly cut out and Eurorack is run through Soundtoys´ Crystallizer, and vice versa Volca run through Tritik´s krush pro, both adding some special sound textures. Some regular EQing & compression added in Cubase for final audio mix. Have fun!


L y r a 8 // the summer sessions // baby advocate

Lyra 8 exploration, starting with some single sounds getting more and more drony till the end. Lyra is the synthesizer that understands you. This time the actual twisting & screwing is shown in video, which is always kind of meditative to me. Reverb was added while playing, with Hall of Fame 2 by tc electronic, a minimum of compression and EQ added in wavelab later. So join me on that little journey with Lyra, hope you have fun.


L Y R A 8 // the summer sessions // the big picture

Drone track with Lyra 8, the synthesizer that understands you, as I like to say. Recorded in Mureck, Austria, during my holiday, with scenes from Mureck and its surroundings. Some more to come soon.

Thanks for watching! Best quality audio soon available at soundcloud & Co.


I love you // modular patch

melodic eurorack modular patch, with Doepfer A-199 spring reverb and Saber filter from delta audio labs, etc.
Good mood with nice rhythmics. Thanks for watching!


all in // eurorack modular

Modular patch with grooves & soundscapes, a wild but fantastic journey to your soul.
(pls listen with good speakers or headphones!)

The patch was recorded in one piece, only some intro chord pads were added later. No effects used beside usual compression and EQing in Cubase. The reverb you can hear comes from the Doepfer A-199 spring reverb.
Because the patch wasn´t filmed while recorded, I did some shootings afterwards. So the modular patch shown in the video was filmed after the fact, nevertheless it is the same as with the audio recording. To make the video a bit more interesting I tried some kind of action-film cutting by going with the rhythm. Kind of 😉
I hope you enjoy that wild, maybe crazy, journey, – and you are ready for „all in“.
Thanks for watching!

To listen track in best audio quality, pls go to visit:


singing winds // modular patch

modular drone with feedback reverb of the doepfer A-199 spring reverb, which itself is fed by external synthrotek chaos nand vco. A quantizer (white noise layered) gives feedback little tonal directions.


To listen patch in best audio quality pls go to:


the taste of wind

if you like the wind, you can be the wind.
Pls watch & listen new mcf project track, ty!

…for best audio quality pls listen at:


earth – modular patch with XAOC “Tirana II”

really simple modular patch testing out “Tirana”, a sweet little 4-step sequenzer by XAOC. little animated effects added in Cubase, as well as normal track treatment.
Have fun!

to listen in original sound quality & download go to:


truth – modular patch

Drone modular patch.
Doepfer Quad VCO doing the chord, A111-3 and Diexie II+ in the lower register. Tides is modulating, Stoicheia and Erica Synths ADSR are triggering VCAs & Wasp filter.
Thnx for watching!


Euclid´s dream (Stoicheia)

my first (conscious) Rebel Technology STOICHEIA rhythm.

After some well meant introducing words I switch the audio to recorded sound (pls watch y volume there, a warning will show up), and have some fun with doing little variations in the rhythm with new Stoicheia module. It´s a very simple patch, just checking things out, I´m using two different VCOs, each one triggered by it´s own envelope, which themselves are triggered by the two Stoicheia sequences; – running finally through Doepfer WASP filter.
In the end I´m playing around with the filter, and some delay, reverb and Alter Boy automations added.

Hope y have as much fun as I had!


Rebel Technology (www.rebeltech.org/product/stoicheia) writes:

This goes way back. In the third century BCE, the Greek mathematician Euclid described a way to determine the largest common denominator of any two integers. As it turns out, his method is the same as what people have used to divide beats into rhythms. Across the globe, from ancient to modern times; the rhythms that pervade human existence can be generated using the same, simple algorithm.

The cultural and historical range covered by these rhythms is nothing short of breathtaking. From Brazilian Samba and Bossa-Nova, to Bulgarian folk dances, thirteenth century Persian drum patterns, and complex poly-rhythms of West and Central Africa.


love tides


river strong – modular patch

Rhythmic modular patch with Doepfer A-111-3 as single sound source. Erica Synths Black Envelope Generator is modulated by three envelopes itself, then triggering XAOC Tallin VCA and Doepfer Wasp filter. By mixing all three envelopes, I could attenuate each of them seperately to create different rhythms by the main modulator Erica Synths EG.
To get some tonal variety as well a random voltage triggered a sample & hold, which was then getting through my quantizer in order to get little tonal definition. No sequenzer used.

Finally some delay, reverb automation & Krush was added in Cubase, as well as usual sound treatment.

Thnx for watching!

Track only (better sound quality I guess) at:



modular patch with new Doepfer a 111-3 & Tallin. All self modulating.

No overdub, all analog, just little reverb automation, smooth compression added in Cubase. Hope y like it!

free download at:


canterville fragments

I took several fragments out of my latest patch-recording with my A-100 modular. These were sampled and arranged then in Cubase. No further sounds or instruments were added, everything to be heard is from the A-100 modular and all analog.
Once you get used to, you might like it, too. 😉

Thnx for listening!


mcf modular – Mind Games

“Mind Games”, modular track done with my lovely A-100 rack. Small but beautiful. I´m already into it for a while, so this one will be my first modular track to go online.
The track was recorded in one piece (obviously ofcourse ;-), just little treatment happened in Cubase with smooth compression as well as automated reverb effect. No sequencing, no Midi, all self modulating.

Appreciate your feedback, thanks for listening!

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