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Cut the opera! or How to create tracks from a Wav file

Creating tracks from a Wav file (using wavelab):

You have a wonderful piece of live recording taken in your Jazz pub, or own a nice radio recording of your most beloved opera, or lets imagine – of a nice concert you recorded of a wonderful singer you admire. So what you get is a single, long, long wav file. Of course you could just work on the start and end of it and listen to – playing it totally through each time. The other way would be to  be able to jump to certain parts of that recording you wanna listen more often or selective. With this method you navigate directly to your favourite song or a wonderful interpretation of a single aria only, etc. To do this you will need to cut that single wav file into separated tracks, which of course, can then still be played all in a follow, so from start to the end without any interruption, but this also offers you the possibility to go to that exact point of the event you like most or want to listen just right now.

So in this tutorial (if you wanna call it so) I´m gonna show you how to do. I present two video versions to watch:
– the full length of the procedure: duration: 59´
– time lapsed version (for an overview): 6´

The videos are without additional commentary, so I give a little overview of what is happening at what time. There are a few main parts to be considered:

  1.   0 – 39´: the arrangement/ the cutting of the wav (incl. marker settings for the tracks to be created)
  2.         40´: working the sound
  3.         47´: saving the defined parts as independent files
  4.         55´: Converting “info tracks” to high quality mp3s

Full length video, 59´:

timelapse, 6´:

Hope you like it and thanks for watching!

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