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eurorack modular // ZAUBERLEHRLING (sorcerer’s apprentice)

Groovy eurorack modular patch (#180), out of control.

„Die ich rief, die Geister, werd´ ich nun nicht los.“ (Spirits that I’ve cited, my commands ignore).
J. W. v. Goethe

Have fun!


eurorack modular patch // s p i r i t

Rhythmic & percussive modular patch. Percussion comes from colored noise in combination with the Doepfer sine quadrature VCO, triggered by Stoixeia module. Bass line is played by Erica Synths Black VCO, triggered by Tirana 4 step sequencer, changing directions constantly. It´s a quite simple patch, but getting groovy and even bit meditative 😉 Thnx for watching!


Eurorack Modular & Volca Keys // s o u s – t e r r e

Eurorack modular patch with rhythmic pattern of Korg Volca Keys. Volca is playing a repetetive sequence, while Eurorack is adding texture and sounds. The Volca Keys is tempo triggered by an Eurorack LFO. Towards the end you can see in Cubase how Volca is partly cut out and Eurorack is run through Soundtoys´ Crystallizer, and vice versa Volca run through Tritik´s krush pro, both adding some special sound textures. Some regular EQing & compression added in Cubase for final audio mix. Have fun!


L y r a 8 // the summer sessions // baby advocate

Lyra 8 exploration, starting with some single sounds getting more and more drony till the end. Lyra is the synthesizer that understands you. This time the actual twisting & screwing is shown in video, which is always kind of meditative to me. Reverb was added while playing, with Hall of Fame 2 by tc electronic, a minimum of compression and EQ added in wavelab later. So join me on that little journey with Lyra, hope you have fun.

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