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Elektron Model:Cycles // electro groove // with my thoughts

Grooving with Elektron Model:Cycles, little texture sound with Eurorack modular added, as well as a partial e-bass played by me. Quite dancy I guess. Since I didnt film the cycles live action, it´s shown in play mode synced by Cubase, where some usual smooth EQ- and compressing was done then in the end.

The video shows more or less a public transport trip with the Viennese suburban train line, ending in “Aspern Nord”, which I lovingly call the Texas prairie of Vienna 😉

Hope you have fun! Thanks for watching!
(to listen track in full audio quality pls go to:


a t t o m a t t i // on the other side of thoughts

attomatti artD & mathieu fanedel
Piano improvisation. Have a look at the other side of thoughts by attomatti. There are always more of them. Abstraction. Turns. Meta. Come together. Have fun!


L Y R A 8 // the summer sessions // the big picture

Drone track with Lyra 8, the synthesizer that understands you, as I like to say. Recorded in Mureck, Austria, during my holiday, with scenes from Mureck and its surroundings. Some more to come soon.

Thanks for watching! Best quality audio soon available at soundcloud & Co.

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