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Euclid´s dream (Stoicheia)

my first (conscious) Rebel Technology STOICHEIA rhythm.

After some well meant introducing words I switch the audio to recorded sound (pls watch y volume there, a warning will show up), and have some fun with doing little variations in the rhythm with new Stoicheia module. It´s a very simple patch, just checking things out, I´m using two different VCOs, each one triggered by it´s own envelope, which themselves are triggered by the two Stoicheia sequences; – running finally through Doepfer WASP filter.
In the end I´m playing around with the filter, and some delay, reverb and Alter Boy automations added.

Hope y have as much fun as I had!


Rebel Technology ( writes:

This goes way back. In the third century BCE, the Greek mathematician Euclid described a way to determine the largest common denominator of any two integers. As it turns out, his method is the same as what people have used to divide beats into rhythms. Across the globe, from ancient to modern times; the rhythms that pervade human existence can be generated using the same, simple algorithm.

The cultural and historical range covered by these rhythms is nothing short of breathtaking. From Brazilian Samba and Bossa-Nova, to Bulgarian folk dances, thirteenth century Persian drum patterns, and complex poly-rhythms of West and Central Africa.


“media theory literature” page opened

I opened a page with interesting and useful literature tips concerning media themes and theory. I intend to do further literature tip sub pages later on, dealing then with more spcified media topics like music (-recording), film & animation, etc. tips- & tutorial links. Hopefully you will find some useful hints for your media background studies. To see the list go to “pages“.


Des Kaisers neue Kleider…

… feeling is it when you try to dress your blogi up for catwalk. And in the end you are totally naked, but – proud.

Time is on my side!


1st day

Dear visitor (1), tx a lot f having a look, thats nice. Y r missing the 1st immense entry? Y r right, but – i´m working on it, machine is running, and soon a new born babe will appear. Maybe just a 3D created pic, mabe even a short camera-go; we will see. Let´s get yourselves surprised and keep having an eye. The sun is rising already!



Dear addicts, I welcome you to the new and extraordinary site of media fanedel.
You will have all the right to expect some astonishing articles, tutorials, music, animations – here in the new future. Be patient. mcf.

Oh! So many?

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