Friends In Low Places

Presenting T. Syvänen – known so far for his extraordinary interpretations
here of several “mcf project” songs which can be found on this blog, with singings
and lyrics being his trade.
Now he is climbing even higher with his interpretation of “friends in low places”
by Garth Brooks, a song we should all learn to come to terms with.

Tero does this interpretation in a very unique and desirable way,
leaving nobody without tears.
Tears? Yes, tears – And to be honest, there are only two kinds
of songs you can be brought generally:

Ones which make you cry, feel and understand – and ones which have been
repeated to you so many times before, that they have started to bore you.

Believe me when I say that this will not bore you – on the contrary…
Heart, soul and voice, including composition – bound together in a way you
might have never heard before.
Enough with words for now, while returning to real life with real emotions.

Enjoy and get flown with this song into incredible spheres.
Men feeling and loving this song. You decide.

Best moments wishing, TS & mcf.



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